What Does Your Facebook Profile Say About You?

facebook rep

If you’re concerned about how people see you based on your facebook profile, you may want to have reppler.com scan and analyze your facebook reputation.

More prospective employers and college admission folks are using facebook and other social media to learn more about their applicants. If you are looking for a job, applying for colleges or promoting your business, you’d want to present a credible image of yourself. If you’re at the “frankly-my-dear-i-don’t-give-a-damn” stage, however, then it doesn’t matter what others think and you can do whatever you want.

But even if you don’t care about your image, you still might want to use reppler to analyze if your facebook account is secure enough against those who might want to hack in or use data that you post for malicious purposes.

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So You Want to Start Blogging

So do you want to start blogging? If you like to write or have something to say or if you just want to jump on the blogging band wagon to make money like you’ve been hearing others doing, then by all means jump in no matter the reason. Your reasons will probably change as you get more into it anyway.
The best way to start, from my experience, is to just start writing. The two most popular blogging platforms on the internet are: http://www.blogger.com/ and http://wordpress.com/

I started on blogger and still have my old blogs there. I am a hoarder at heart and just can’t bear to let them go. I use them only to make money now though. They have gone commercialized. I like the two sites I mentioned (Blogger and WordPress) because their platforms are pretty intuitive. Just follow the instructions and you will be blogging in no time.

Once you’ve have your blog set up, just start writing away! You’re worried no one will read you? The best way to get others to read your stuff is to start reading their stuff and commenting on them. That’s how blogging works. It’s about people putting their ideas out there and sharing them with the world. No matter what topic you’re writing about, you’ll find other like minded people out there who will want to hear what you’ve got to say.

But…. “Can I make money?” you ask.  The short answer is YES. Yes, you can make money blogging but don’t quit your day job yet. Once you have your blog going, you can start investigating ways to make money. The easiest way is to add Google Adsense to your blog. The money you make will depend on how many people read your blog. The more people read your blog, the more money you can make.

While you’re starting your blog, start reading up on how to make money. Just google “make money from blogging” and you will find various sites that will give you tips and tutorials. You may want to check out http://problogger.com/. You will find a lot of information there. I suggest starting with his Blogging 101 series.

Don’t expect to start making money right away. The older your blog, the more readers you have and the relevance of your content will all affect how much money you can make. Some people who really work at it have been known to start making money right away, but most take longer. Depends on how much time you want to put into it.

A WORD OF CAUTION: Some people want instant gratification so they take the lazy way out and steal other people’s content. DON’T DO IT! You will get caught and you don’t want bloggers’ wrath against you and they have gotten very good at catching thieves and can get very vicious. So beware if you’re even considering this. But I hope that you think more about yourself to go this route.

BEST ADVICE: As you read more about blogging, you will find this advice given over and over again. “CONTENT IS KING”. What it means is that if you have good content and learn how to utilize all the tools available to promote your content, your readers will find you. They will come and they will stay if you engage them.

Blogging is hard work but it can also be very rewarding. It’s all up to you. Just like the old adage says, “You get what you put into it”. My advice is, JUST DO IT. Jump in, and just start writing. You never know what you’re going to get out of it until you try.

Dear Blog, did you miss me?

My Dear Blog,

It has been a year since my last visit. Do you still know me? Do you still care about me? Because I sure hadn’t cared about you for a year at least. I barely even thought about you.

But here I am again not because I have run out of things to do but rather, I miss the things I used to do. Like blogging. I tried it out there, in the real world that has people with faces. It’s scary and they sap the energy out of you!

I think I’d rather be here with you, in the quietness of a blog unread. At least the spammer that occasionally visit, we can delete. And the rare visitor who leaves a genuine comment, we can answer back and not be expected to invite them for dinner.

I think I like it here, blog. It’s quiet here with you.

How about you? How have you been? Did you miss me? What is it like to sit fallow for a year? Were there any visitors at all while I was gone? Did you treat them well? Or did you just serve them up with the stale cookies I left in the cupboard?

Well I’m back now, so maybe we can spruce things up a bit and cook up something good. What do you think? Do you still feel like listening to me?